Backup As A Service (BaaS): Greenware offers an all-in-one network attached storage, backup appliance and gateway to cloud services.

Our Services’ Cloud attached Storage combines Network Attached Storage (NAS) functionality with comprehensive data protection, providing fast local backup & recovery, integrated with cloud storage for disaster recovery, remote access and file sharing.

The Greenware BaaS solution with Cloud attached storage backup software, managed agents, remote management capabilities and end-to-end data protection, provides a cost-effective, easy-to-manage alternative to more expensive, disparate solutions.

Our focus is on four key areas:
Integrated On-Site & Off-Site Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
Robust Enterprise-Grade NAS Features
Cloud File Sharing and Synchronization
ARemote Access and Central Management
Hybrid Storage Appliances with Integrated Cloud Services for SMBs and Branch Offices

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